Product Description

Ultrasonic milk analyser is used for measuring quality parameters like Fat and SNF (Solids Non Fat) of raw milk. These quality parameters determine the price of milk. Milk analysers are used in Milk societies and Dairies. When the farmers come with their milk, the society/dairy people tested the milk with the Milk analyser and compared with the rate-chart which gives the rate per litre of milk for particular Fat and SNF. So this instrument determines the rate of milk of the farmer. 


• Fastest Milk Analyzer
• Measurement time of 27 seconds
• Splash proof cabinet design
• Fully indigenous Milk Analyuzer
• Easily operational switch/buttons
• Low quantity milk sample required
• RS232 port for computer interfacing
• Facility to backup/copy/save and restore calibration
• High contrast blue/green backlight 4-lin large character LCD display.
• World's fastest Milk Analyser with measurement time of 27 seconds.
• Cabinet made out of plastic and stainless steel is free from corrosion.
• Fast and accurate measurements in wide temp. range of 1°C to 40°C
• External Power supply adapter to avoid power line interference.


Technical Specifications: 

Parameter  Measuring Range Accuracy
FAT 0.1% to 15% ±0.1%
SNF 3% to 15% ±0.15%
CLR 20 to 40 ±1
Added Water 0% to 99% ±3%
Protein     2% to 7% ±0.15%
Lactose     0.01% to 6% ±0.2
Salt 0.4% to 1.5% ±0.05%
Temp. 1°C to 40°C ±1°C


• Measurement Time : 27 Sec. @30°C
• Sample Volume : 15ml.
• Average Speed : 120 samples / hr.
• Number of Calibrations : 3
• Operation time limit Continuous
• Operating voltage : 12 Volts DC (140-250V AC for External Adapter)
• Power Input with external SMPS power Supply
• Average Power 30W
• Peak Power 120W
• Ambient Temperature 10°C to 40°C
• Relative Humidity 30 to 80%