Product Description

Seamless Construction (Jointless) from extra thick aluminium sheet for better safety & durability. ISI marked food grad syntheteic rubber gasket for longer & better perfvormance and hygiene. Weight type safety valve & pressure regulating device for better safety and functioning. Color-coded pressure gauge (0-30lbs/in²) to indicate the safe, sterilization and danger zones. Highly strong and durable vacuum & steam release valves. Handles and valve knobs made of very durable, heat resistant and fine quality bakelite. ISI marked heating element made of heavy copper pipe for longer life. Well designed, powder coated outer stand to provide better stability & attractive looks.


Technical Specifications: 

Size : Diameter x Height : 14x21 inch

Capacity : 24, 30, 50 Ltrs.

Power Supply : 220/230V AV, 50/60 Hz supply.