Product Description

Double walled construction with inner and outer chamber made of stainless steel. The gap in between being filled with glass wool. Condenser and top are also made of Stainless Steel SS-304 grade Argon Arc Welded. Supplied with the rubber tubing coil of 5 meters.


Technical Specifications: 

• Supplied with cord & plug to work on 220/230 volts AC supply.
• MOC (Outer & Inner) : SS-304 grade argon arc welded.
• MOC (Condenser and Top) : SS-304 grade argon arc welded.
• Insulation High grade glass wool insulation.
• Available in Various Capacity : a) 5 Ltr. b) 10 Ltr. c) 20 Ltr.
• Load : 6.00 KW.