Product Description

Suitable for 24 Pouches of 1/2 Ltr or 12 Pouches of 1 Ltr- Hygienic food grade industrial HDPE material.- Light-weight easy - to - wash  &  clean,  rust  free  & 100% maintenance free.- Best for material handling in  cold  storage - Ideal  for storage & transportation of soft items like milk pouches- Optimum utilisation of space during storage & transportation due to stackability- Milk crates designed as per ISI certifications


Technical Specifications: 

Available in Five Sizes.
a) Outer Dimension : 471x378x138(LxBxH)mm approx.
b) Outer Dimension : 471x378x152(LxBxH)mm approx.
c) Outer Dimension : 471x378x160(LxBxH)mm approx.
d) Outer Dimension : 471x378x168(LxBxH)mm approx.
e) Outer Dimension : 471x378x175(LxBxH)mm approx.